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Welcome to Ejo Youth Echo (EYE)

EYE is a house with people from different backgrounds, full of different stories and initiatives. It is an organization that gives a free rein to speech and exchange. EYE accompanies youth who want to become journalists, offers them different dynamic & supportive programs and end up by producing articles/reports for both EYE’s publications as well as radio shows.


EYE is determined to be a media organization that provides youth with a learning, sharing, and exchange environment since 2014.


We want region where constructive relationships are developed between people regardless of their background and perspectives and are active in making intentional and conscious decision for inclusive communities.

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Trained Journalists
Youth are often trained on various subjects related to the practise of conflict sensitive journalism in order to become the voice of voiceless.
Produced Ejo shows
Every week a new episode of Ikiganiro Ejo is aired 5 times on Voice of America and this aims at creating space for the youth in the great lakes region.
Distributed Magazines
Nyiramubande magazine is a source of information at Kigeme, Mugombwa, Huye Urban, Mahama refugee camps and their host communities.
Produced Radio drama
The 120 episodes have been produced from three different radio drama including NYIRAMUBANDE, SIGASIRA and NGIRA NKUGIRE.

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